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Pipeline Water Cooler

1. Fashionable hot, ambient and cold 3 faucets design.
2. This Midea pipeline water cooler comes with double safety device for preventing overheat.
3. High power stainless steel hot water tank
4. High efficiency compressor cooling
5. The hot water faucet of the pipeline water cooler comes with safety lock to prevent children from scalding.
6. EH function is optional.
7. Midea pipeline water cooler is certified by UL and cUL. So, customers please feel secure in placing orders from us.

Specifications of Midea Pipeline Water Cooler

Model MYLG1585S MYLG1585T
Heating Output 4L/H
Cooling Temperature ≤10℃
Output 2L/H
Dimensions packing Dim. 368*385*1026mm 358*418*540mm
Container Loading 40' 396 396
40'HQ 744 744
Certification UL
Models Specification
Cooling Method Heating Method Cooling Power Heating Power Reservoir Volume Cold output Cold Water Temp. Hot Tank Volume Hot Output Hot Water Temp.
MYLG1585S Compressor Heating Element 90W 420W/550W 1.5L 2L/H ≤10℃ 1L 4L/H ≥85℃
MYLG1585T Compressor Heating Element 90W 420W/550W 1.5L 2L/H ≤10℃ 1L 4L/H ≥85℃
Models Specification
Product Dimensions Packing Dimensions N.W.(kg) G.W.(kg) Container Loading
20' 40' 40'HQ
MYLG1585S 310*346*1002mm 368*385*1026mm 192 396 396
MYLG1585T 317*388*490mm 358*418*540mm 360 744 744

Thank you for visiting the website of Midea Water Dispenser Manufacturer Company. We are a China based pipeline water cooler manufacturer, which passes through ISO9001 certification.
Our company is located in Foshan city. Our location gives us access to transportation by sea, air, and land. This guarantees lower transportation fees, thus reducing our production costs and saving customers on shipping charges.
We have many kinds of water purifier for you to choose, like direct drinking water purifier and POE water purifier, please contact us at Midea.

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